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About Us

RSA is a specialist company in finance and accounting services providing its customers outsourcing solutions for their accounting functions. Partnering with RSA, customers achieve significant cost savings while improving on quality and turnaround timelines. RSA is focused in continual improvement of its service through effective use of technology, outsourcing procedure and quality processes.

At RSA we take client confidentiality and security of customer data very seriously. We have several procedures in place that makes security inherent to RSA’s business process.

We take pride in meeting deadlines and conscientiously adhere to agreed timescales with Quality. Our objective is to take complete care of any accounting work our clients entrust us with and ensuring they are free to focus on their core business.

Who we Help?

Thanks to internet technology we are able to cost effectively support any business based anywhere in the UK. We can provide you with the information you want, direct to your desktop or laptop.

RSA has experience in providing its services across many sectors – retail, service, industrial, manufacturing, etc.

RSA has particular experience of :
    - Accountancy firms
    - Small or Medium sized enterprises e.g. news agents, etc.
    - Start-ups – No business is too small for us to assist

How we help?

RSA has extensive experience in servicing its customers across various businesses and sectors. It is equally adept at providing the service on a platform of choice like Sage, QuickBooks, MYOB, IRIS, XERO, VT Transaction, etc.

RSA is flexible in its approach towards the financial engagement models and offers the following :
    - Fixed price per job basis
    - FTE (full time equivalent) price basis

RSA is open to working out a mutually advantageous financial engagement model as well. RSA is open to working with the customer and provide its service at any stage of customer’s accounting process. RSA will mutually agree the process of securely uploading the data for processing which normally includes the use of industry standard software e.g. Receipt Bank or scanned documents.