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Payroll Services

RSA works with its customers (accountancy firms) to provide an accurate, timely and fully compliant payroll service. This includes:
    - Set-up Payroll in Sage, Xero with RTI implementation
    - Process payroll weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly and provide pay slips with address
    - Provide gross to net summary of wages for each employee
    - Provide monthly summary of HM Revenue and Customs payments
    - Complete and forward to HM Revenue and Customs office all P45s and P46s for starters and leavers
    - Process and provide End of Year P60 and P14s
    - Process and provide employees certificate of earnings P60
    - Process employers End of Year Return P35 and file online
    - Deduct student loans, attachment of earnings orders, pensions and child support Agency payments
    - Process statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity and adoption pay.

Assistance required from your organization
    - Forward the necessary payroll data timely on weekly/monthly basis to process the payroll including software backup and credentials for cloud based software if applicable
    - Provide details of changes in existing setup like HMRC notice for change in tax code, starters, leavers, address change, etc.

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